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Job opportunity with Free Battered Women - We're Watching Big Brother [entries|archive|friends|userinfo]
Prisoner Rights

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Job opportunity with Free Battered Women [Sep. 18th, 2007|04:26 pm]
Prisoner Rights


Everyone who's looking for a job, or a better job, on my list might as well give this a chance. There's a mention of job sharing being possible, and even if you don't think you have the right experience you might end up working on a team with people who do, and you can learn a lot. This is a very progressive organization and I know the people there, and I'm sure they will find a way to work with those who need to take mass transit to get there or those with disabilities or who are atypical.

I personally know the leader of this group, and will put in a good word for anyone I know who applies.

Job Announcement : Free Battered Women Coordinator

Please post widely
Please post September 10, 2007
Responses due by October 8, 2007

* Are you passionate about ending domestic violence?
* Would you like to work in coalition with incarcerated survivors of domestic violence and former prisoners?
* Are you interested in helping to shape the future of Free Battered Women, a small grassroots, racial justice organization?

...then Free Battered Women has a job for you!

Free Battered Women is a statewide coalition that seeks to end the re-victimization of incarcerated survivors of domestic violence as part of the movement for racial justice and the struggle to resist all forms of intimate partner violence against women and transgender people. We achieve this through community organizing, parole advocacy, public education, media campaigns, and policy work. Since 2000, Free Battered Women and our allies have helped win 27 incarcerated domestic violence survivors’ release from prison!

We are looking for a Coordinator who can work with Free Battered Women’s 15-member activist Steering Committee to ensure our financial sustainability and growth. We hope to find a unique, creative person (or people) who combines a commitment to fundraising with a strong dedication to the freedom of incarcerated domestic violence survivors.

* Grant writing and grassroots fundraising in collaboration with the Steering Committee.
* Parole advocacy and participation in the California Habeas Project to win survivors’ release.
* Public education and media work about the need for incarcerated survivors’ freedom.

* Familiarity with domestic violence issues.
* Commitment to working with prisoners and former prisoners using a racial justice framework.
* Dedication to fundraising; previous fundraising experience preferred.
* Passion, imagination, and high energy.

This is a full-time equivalent position, with a possibility of job sharing. Full-time equivalent salary is $36,000 per year, plus benefits. The position will remain open until filled.

To apply:
Send your resume and a letter explaining why you are interested in the position and describing your relevant experience to jobs@freebatteredwomen.org or mail it to Free Battered Women, 1540 Market St. Suite 490, San Francisco, CA 94102, ATTN: Coordinator position. No calls, please.

Domestic violence survivors, formerly incarcerated people, loved ones of people in prison, people of color, queer, transgender, gender non-conforming, and intersex people strongly encouraged to apply!