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Prisoner Rights
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Feel free to join Breaking Bars! if you are against:

Prison systems: profit for the State, tools of oppression(racism, sexism, homophobia, ageism, ethnocentrism, etc.), dehumanization, unfair punishment, and the deprivation of ultimate freedoms
The cruel and inhumane treatment of prisoners
Police brutality, wrongful convictions, fabricated evidence, the "justice" system and its manipulation
Political repression and persecution of outspoken dissidents
Legislations made to perpetuate and justify all of the above in the name of "order and safety"

Taking part in maintaining this community in solidarity with the group: xanarkafricax and radicalphoenix

This is an outlet for all prisoner support websites or groups, biographical information or current status of prisoners, strategies for improving conditions behind the bars, discussing alternative solutions to prisons, putting a stop to corrupt law enforcement, assisting the incarcerated and actively fighting for human rights. All posts must be approved due to the constant harrassment and criminalization bias so-called defenders of humanity belittle those convicted, targeted, and their allies with.

Thanks for joining and dont give up on our sisters and brothers behind bars. There's lots of work to be done and even making it a point of public discussion for just one individual or issue starts movement towards progress.

Links, Info & Resources:

No More Prisons

American Civil Liberties Union

Human Rights Watch

Anarchist Black Cross

Critical Resistance

Abolish Prisons

Prison Activist Resource Center

Stop Prisoner Rape

Vegan Prisoners Support Group

Homes Not Jails

Books Not Bars

Outside The Wall: Prisons And Prison Law

Indigenous Prison Penpal Support

Please do not waste everyone's time and post irrationale about how much prisons have helped our society in removing "crooks", minorities, homelessness, drug pushing, or it will be promptly deleted.

A Few Facts: The United States has the highest prison population in the world, more than that of China and Russia combined. The State has more flexibility to promote racist exploitation, militaristic policing, and create repressive legislation. About 58% of inmates are Black or Hispanic. Those targeted for imprisonment are more likely to commit crimes after they experience time in jail. Prisons have been built not to protect, but to stifle radical viewpoints and political expression, instill fear, destroy marginalized communities and wrongfully punish.

About The BreakingBars Community: We are raising awareness by not overlooking the deviance and tricks used by the law to marginalize anyone criticizing the way it is being run. This is an international outreach! Try not to post off-topic, the title of this community is very specific in its primary interest. Posting prison-related articles, stories, upcoming events of action, literature references, and cases is encouraged. Some of the listed below interests are issues either concerning or having major influence on the prison industry complex, due for critical analysis.
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